Service Contracts & Training

ProChrom Ltd are fully trained and experienced with all the major manufacturers of gas and liquid chromatographs and can provide bespoke maintainance and training packages.


Service Contracts

Our preventative maintenance packages are designed to meet the user's requirements with as little disruption and down time as possible. Usually, an annual service only gives confidence that the systems are working correctly and helps customers with accreditation.

Option 1: Preventative maintenance & unlimited labour

This is what our customers usually see as the most cost effective way to budget annually. The costs are much lower than typical "all inclusive" packages, yet still offer an element of certainty in terms of total annual running costs.

Typically includes:

Not included: Parts.

Option 2: Preventative maintenance only

Typically includes:

Not included: Parts and Breakdown labour (discounted 20% from our standard rate).

University Contacts

We have special schemes for university's where funding is limited, we endeavor to give the best value for money.

Please contact us to discuss further.

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Bespoke Training

Chroma-tography is derived from the Greek language and means literally colour-writing. Modern instrumental techniques show little resemblance to the historic origins of separating colours by thin layer chromatography.

Most systems are now computer controlled "black Box" technologies and are often used by in-experienced operators. We aim to provide stepping stones that help the in-experienced user to grow and become experienced chromatographers with a full understanding of their instrumentation.

We offer training packages tailored to suit individual business needs covering all aspects including theory practice method development and trouble shooting.

Please contact us to discuss further.

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