Engineered Solutions

Custom solutions vary from simple single column systems with method development, validation and customer training to meet you're OQ/PQ requirements to multi-dimensional applications to guaranteed to EN norms.

We provide support for a wide range of applications including: Bio-Fuels, PINA, Refinery Gas, Natural Gas, Oxygenate analysers. We can also configure the above methodologies to meet you’re own unique requirements.

The MASTER GC and the Valve Oven make the ideal platform to offer truly multi-dimensional chromatography systems that are both easy to maintain and use.The advantages of the valve oven are superb access and a second independent column oven.

One of our most versatile analysers is the Refinery Gas Analyser (request sample).

The Master GC is a true three channel chromatograph allowing three injectors and three detectors to be fitted simultaneously.